Social Responsibility

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing.”
– Edmund Burke

At Banyan, we take our social and corporate responsibility seriously and are grateful for the opportunity to help others. The Banyan team has operated around the world and has seen firsthand some of the world’s greatest challenges. We are dedicated to leading positive change.

We are very excited to announce our support for the Eco Defense Group (EDGE) initiative to counter and ultimately stop rhino poaching in Africa. EDGE and Banyan are committed to protecting these sacred and beautiful animals, leveraging innovative tools and unique methods in order to build awareness and grow a larger conservation community around the world. Please join us in supporting EDGE!

Visit their website to learn more about EDGE:

EDGE’s recent work includes the development of wildlife security and counter-poaching teams in national parks and in rural conservation areas, as well as initiatives to foster and develop awareness and a love for wildlife among the youth in local communities where endangered animals still thrive.