Cyber Security

Cyber threats are the new norm for our clients’ business operations. The C-Suite is now expected to understand the threats their companies face, and craft a defensive strategy that reduces their cyber exposure.

The Banyan Risk Group team is able to identify potential exposure and risks while developing a pathway to securing our clients’ interests and activities around the world. Cyber threats and techniques are evolving every day. Our clients choose Banyan because our team is highly skilled, government trained and experienced in building defensive strategies.


Your organization’s computer network is only as secure as the users who are on it. Your users are the first line of cyber defense, but they are vulnerable to social engineering attacks such as phishing. A careless or untrained user who falls victim to a phishing email can allow an attacker to easily bypass the most sophisticated technology and security policies you may have deployed to protect your network. As a result, proper user education and training is critical to your overall cybersecurity posture.

Banyan offers a user Phishing assessment so you can evaluate your users’ security posture against the most common threat they see on a daily basis. These evaluations can be a one time event or a quarterly recurring event with optional follow up training.



The first step to protecting your data is understanding which assets present the greatest vulnerabilities, from your endpoints and online accounts to your physical facilities and employees themselves.

Banyan’s penetration tests are performed by government-trained cyber operators modeled on real-world cyber attacks that organizations worldwide see daily. Depending on an organization’s needs, we tailor our focus to find vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and improve regulatory compliance.

Based on each client’s area of need, we apply proven tactics and processes to systematically determine, test, and verify any found issues. We follow up with a full report outlining all issues discovered, actions taken, and our recommendations on how to remediate the exploited issues. Our goal is to ensure security risks are mapped to business risks and concerns in order to align priorities and provide detailed actionable recommendations for your organization.

Areas where we focus:

  • Phishing Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Data Recovery
  • Cyber Governance
  • Training Development
  • Compliance Programs
  • eDiscovery

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