Case: Unrest Threatens Business Continuity

Client Challenge

Civil unrest in a region where one of our multinational clients operates jolted its core business and threatened the safety of hundreds of their employees. Understanding the implications of this volatile and dynamic environment was paramount to ensuring continuity of business and physical safety of client personnel and property.

Banyan used our proprietary intelligence collection systems and our vast international network to get real-time, on-the- ground answers about true situation unfolding in order to determine the credibility of this threat. Banyan concurrently developed multiple courses of action that could be implemented to mitigate any present or future threats, assuring business continuity for our client.

Banyan Solution

Client Impact

With the rapid insight into the geopolitical environment, as well the development of multiple courses of action, our client was immediately able to assess that the civil unrest would not escalate into a business continuity threat, and that no immediate countermeasures were needed. The mitigation strategies Banyan developed became the core of the client’s crisis management and business continuity plan for the site, ensuring the safety and longevity of their employees and business.