Case: Ultra High Net Worth Security

Client Challenge

An ultra high net worth principal operated his business remotely due to the threat environment where his primary assets operated. Routinely the principal needed to travel to the country at risk to lead his executive team and conduct business activities. The principal’s travel concerned private arrangements, secured transportation and a large security detail blending two concepts of flexibility and security simultaneously. The principal’s ultimate challenge was how to coordinate, plan and execute a security plan while working in a high threat, corrupt and dynamic regional environment.

Banyan was selected as a partner due to its highly skilled personnel and the ability to earn the principals trust early on. The Banyan team approached the challenge with an integrated approach utilizing their proprietary data tool as well as their analytical and operations teams. This allowed the executive protection team on the ground to have the most insight possible when protecting the principal in this environment.

Banyan Solution

Client Impact

The principal in this case has continually been able to securely and confidently run his business operations while traveling in and out of this hostile and chaotic region. The Banyan team has enabled the principal to not only conduct business activities but to do so with ease allowing him to have the piece of mind and flexibility needed to make decisive and strategic decisions for his company that maintains over 10,000 employees globally.