Case: Security Focused Facility Designs

Client Challenge

Ultra-high net worth individuals are predisposed to threats both in the public, as well as in the privacy of their own home. When a threat arises in a private residence or business, there is often very little time to react with few areas that provide safe shelter for extended periods of time. Our client’s ultimate challenge was to remain safe, up to an hour, until emergency services arrived or the threat was neutralized.

Banyan put together a team of professionals with 45+ years of combined experience in areas such as physical security, protective operations and site surveillance. Using an integrated approach, the team met with the client’s architects and combed through floor plans and drawings prior to evaluating the physical property, enabling the team to thoroughly understand the client’s needs and limitations. After consulting industry experts who specialize in residential security products, Banyan made recommendations to structurally reinforce key elements of the residence, including multi-layered access points and self-ventilating safe rooms.

Banyan Solution

Client Impact

Thanks to the comprehensive nature of Banyan’s findings, our client was able to make the necessary changes to mitigate his vulnerability and sustain a safe haven for extended time periods. Just as important, because we were brought into the process early, Banyan provided recommendations that were both cost-effective and had a low-impact on the overall construction schedule.