Case: Real Time Social Media Monitoring

Client Challenge

The hospitality industry relies heavily on customer satisfaction and repeat business. However, keeping track of customer satisfaction at a national or international hotel company can be time consuming and labor intensive. A national resort and hotel chain client needed help understanding how their brand was being represented on social media, but the sheer size and scope of that undertaking seemed overwhelming.
Banyan was quickly able to set up persistent social media monitoring for all of the client’s brands using our proprietary data integration platform. Our team tracks and analyzes social media references to the client’s brands in order to gauge if the general feeling of the public is positive or negative and determine if any client actions incite public reaction.

Banyan Solution

Client Impact

Our client receives timely reports on outlying social media brand activity. In some cases, this may be an uptick in positive mentions due to a recent client event or action. In other situations, there may be a strong negative reaction to something. Either way our client is quickly armed with the information they need to take action to correct negative impressions or capitalize on positive feedback.