Case: Intelligence Driven Executive Protection

Client Challenge

Ultra-high net worth individuals need to travel around the globe on a moment’s notice. Our client needed to ensure he could always safely reach business engagements at worldwide locations. His security team required current information to understand the security threat and determine how to securely deliver the client to his destination. At this particular time, Uber protests were escalating around the world jeopardizing safe passage through airports, resort areas, and major cities.
We worked closely with our data provider to create a tailored information feed that allowed us to monitor threat levels at target locations using a real-time incident and social media monitoring strategy. Our analysts combined these real-time feeds with historical data to determine that violent Uber protests had occurred at a target location in the past. Banyan provided the security team with a comprehensive analysis that identified a safe alternate route and entry point to the property.

Banyan Solution

Client Impact

Armed with a greater understanding of the location’s risk, alternate routes, and real-time threat monitoring, the client’s security team was prepared to deliver the client safely to his destination. This intelligence-driven approach allows a security team to prepare appropriate contingency options and make tactical changes on the fly in the event of heightened risk.