Case: Family Office Major Event Security

Client Challenge

An ultra-high net worth family office client was preparing to host a two-day gala at his multi-hundred acre estate that houses a vast collection of wine, art and family heirlooms. With a guest list exceeding 500 and a Grammy-winning act headlining, the exposure risks and logistical challenges were significant. The site’s multiple dwellings were encompassed by a variety of pedestrian, automobile, and waterborne entry points, all requiring unique access control measures. There was a paramount need to effectively secure all physical assets and protect the client’s family while ensuring risk mitigation operations did not distract from the party’s ambiance or the guest experience.

Banyan’s Account Director leveraged his law enforcement and first responder experience to establish strong relationships with local police, fire, and medical assets and facilitated focused group training and rehearsals prior to the party. Banyan personnel effectively rehearsed the Principal and his family on emergency procedures for a security or medical emergency. In parallel, Banyan collaborated extensively with the headlining band to mitigate potential logistics and public exposure challenges. Instrumental in tackling this problem set was the Banyan intelligence team’s uninterrupted social media monitoring over the course of the event. Ultimately Banyan Risk Group managed 30 off-duty law enforcement and medical personnel to ensure the protection of the client, his family, and the entirety of the vast property’s physical and digital assets.

Banyan Solution

Client Impact

The Principal immensely enjoyed an event of unprecedented scale at his family’s residence with zero incidents and no notable distractions to the conduct of the festivities, to include the complicated end-of-party fireworks show that posed potential hazards to on-site dwellings and boat craft. The Principal expressed his deep appreciation for the dedication and focus of Banyan personnel and its unique interoperability with local security and medical assets. Thanks to the consummate professionalism of Banyan personnel, the client was able to focus entirely on his closest personal relationships and professional partnerships with the full comfort of comprehensive Banyan Risk Group protection.