Case: Executive Protection Experience Counts

Client Challenge

Ultra high net worth founders of successful privately held companies are often highly involved and vital to the company’s continued success. These individuals require protective details when living and working in high risk environments with many security challenges including kidnapping, insider threats, and spillover violence. Banyan’s world class operations team of executive protection specialists, intelligence operatives and U.S. Special Forces operators provides executive protection for one such ultra high net worth entrepreneur and his family in the second deadliest country in the world.
During a recent executive protection operation, Banyan personnel identified two suspicious groups of armed men and an individual following the protective detail along our route. We immediately recognized the threat and aborted the planned outing, moving the clients to an alternate exit and safely evacuating them from the potentially dangerous encounter.

Banyan Solution

Client Impact

Successfully recognizing and decisively reacting to threat indicators and surveillance activity prevented the ultra high net worth individual and his family from being victimized and ensured his ability to continue to live and work in a high threat environment. A highly experienced protection team seamlessly identify threats and implement protocols to proactively and safely diffuse dangerous situations.