Case: Due Diligence And Unethical Vendors

Client Challenge

A large real estate developer entered into a business relationship with a technology vendor to drive improvements in the efficiency of their sales force. After signing a contract with the vendor, they discovered information that raised serious ethical concerns about the vendor’s business practices.
Banyan performed a cost-effective due diligence investigation into the vendor’s past business practices and associates utilizing a combination of proprietary and open source databases and research tools. Our team was able to quickly and decisively determine that the vendor and his associates had an extensive history of unethical business practices.

Banyan Solution

Client Impact

The client moved quickly to sever their relationship with the vendor and terminate the contract. Successful companies realize the value in performing due diligence investigations into prospective business partners to limit their exposure to corruption, fraud, and any hint of impropriety. In so doing, they are better able protect their brands and corporate reputations paving the way to continued business success.