Case: Controversial Construction Projects

Client Challenge

Industrial construction companies often face public perception problems when engaging in environmentally disruptive projects. While adhering closely to environmental guidelines and agreements during a recent project, one Banyan client wanted to understand how their activities were being perceived by the media and local population.
Banyan created a customized data stream combining a mix of local and national news media, social media, and environmental organization press releases to monitor public opinion of the project. Our proprietary data provider works closely with us to deliver access to Banyan’s handpicked local information sources and our data integration platform identified the most relevant data using a sophisticated information geo-fencing process.

Banyan Solution

Client Impact

Banyan delivered a detailed analysis of public perception of the project highlighting whether negative comments were coming from activist groups, media sources, or the local population. The granularity of the report allowed the client to target their good will efforts at the right segment of the population with maximum positive results.