Case: Capital Project in Latin America

Client Challenge

Our multinational client was deliberating on where to locate one of their capital projects within a potentially corrupt regional government in Latin America. Identifying and understanding the implications as well as how to navigate these risks while following strict guidelines identified in the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices (FCPA)/U.K. Anti-Bribery Act were critical to a successful project launch.

Banyan was able to quickly identify which state actors would be involved within our client’s process as well as external risks that would be associated with this project. Banyan then internally measured the risks associated with each actor within their scope and involvement of the capital project so the client fully understood their current business operating environment. Banyan also set forth recommendations for business dealings with these actors when necessary.

Banyan Solution

Client Impact

With the additional insight into the business operating environment, our client was immediately able to determine the best location and partners within the state for their capital project that would promote their business initiatives as well as reduce their operating risks for FCPA/Anti-Bribery Act exposure.