About Us

“Today’s world is so complex and interrelated, and as we have more information than we can use, the old risk models no longer apply.” – The Economist

Our Approach

At Banyan, our people, passion and tailored approach make the difference.

Our team exists to provide impactful results for our clients around the world. To do this, we leverage an adaptive strategy that integrates multiple risk management disciplines to provide our clients real time analysis and execution capability for their business operating environment. These disciplines range from competitive intelligence analysis, predictive risk modeling, discrete due diligence, data analytics to on the ground operations.

Banyan’s integrated approach to providing critical business intelligence goes beyond generic reporting and is tailored specifically to our clients’ needs. This approach empowers our clients to focus on their core strengths, eliminate the noise and drive better business outcomes.

The Banyan Team

In our business, you are only as good as your people. Our team of industry experts from Fortune 100 C-Suite Executives to international risk professionals set Banyan apart. Each member of the Banyan team brings a unique perspective from diverse global experiences to better serve our clients.

We pride ourselves on our adaptability, our capacity to thrive in uncertainty and our passion for solving complex problems. We share a commitment to provide unparalleled analysis and flawless execution for every client.

David Dezso

Founder & CEO

Fran Muhrer

Chief of Staff

Tim Jones

Managing Director

Vincent “Vinny” Buccigrossi

Managing Director, Banyan Risk Group – Cyber

Aric Gray

Senior Advisor

Adam Hoffman


Brad Bryson


Miguel Carrillo


Bob Howard

Geopolitical Risk & Emerging Markets Analyst

Alastair Donald

Supply Chain Risk Expert

Jonathan Parry

Supply Chain and Global Market Advisor

Mark Waddleton

Supply Chain Advisor

George Stavrou

Investigations & Executive Protection Advisor

Jeff Foster

Due Diligence & Investigations Advisor

Chris Ames

Security Technology Advisor